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I am a dedicated Director of Photography with a  passion for film. Over the years, I have amassed valuable experience in a diverse range of projects, including corporate, documentary, branded documentary, narrative shorts, feature films, and music videos. My journey led me from Ohio to Los Angeles, where I relocated with my wife and two children to pursue my dream in the film industry.


I pride myself on being a hardworking and dedicated professional. I approach each project with unwavering commitment, consistently striving to deliver the best visuals possible. My adaptability and coachable nature ensure that I am always ready to collaborate  with the team to achieve the project's vision.


To ensure top-notch quality, I come equipped with my own  camera package, featuring the Sony FX6, a comprehensive lens package, lighting equipment, and audio gear. This allows me to be self-sufficient and ready to tackle any challenges that may arise during production.

Gear List: 
Sony FX6 Camera Package 
SLR Magic Microprimes and Sigma Art lenses
DZO Catta Lenses 
Wireless follow focus system
Lighting Package 
Audio Package


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